5 Things We Learned From JAHKOY's Highsnobiety Interview

Toronto's on the rise and it's only a matter of time until JAHKOY makes his mark. The "Odd Future" singer/songwriter sat down with Highsnobiety and gave a complete run down of everything JAHKOY. Here's the five things we learned.

1. JAHKOY is well beyond his years.
If you haven't already heard, Jahkoy has given a distinct description and maturity to his music as he categorizes his signature sound as bipolar, describes himself as a hopeless romantic, and provides a surprisingly complex overview of love for someone who admits to having only a few years of practical experience in the matter."

2. JAHKOY's friends with Jaden and Willow Smith.
Yes, the buzzing Soundcloud star is friends with the famous Smith clan Jaden and Willow Smith. Highsnobiety states, "JAHKOY forged an unexpected connection when the siblings heard his music on SoundCloud and reached out to him via Twitter. A fresh transplant to the City of Angels, Jahkoy wasn’t sure what to expect, but after spending time with them he found their creative interests matched his own. Their newfound friendship has since led Jahkoy to collaborating with them as part of their 1234 Creations collective."

3. JAHKOY's traveled...a lot.
Airplane tickets and frequent flyer miles are nothing to this 22-year old. Crediting falling in love as one his motivators, JAHKOY has moved from Toronto to Atlanta to Los Angeles now back to Toronto. However, JAHKOY didn't feel too thrilled about his hometown. Highsnobiety writes, "Jahkoy didn’t feel as though the city that first ignited his passion for music was cultivating his metamorphoses into the artist he wanted to be. 'I just didn’t feel like I was growing there,' he admits.

4. JAHKOY's original stage name Raheem was given to him by his father.
Once upon a time there was a singer/songwriter named RAHEEM. Raheem, a moniker given to him by his father’s devoutly Muslim side of the family. It is one of the 99 names of Allah and means “merciful” or “compassionate,” two qualities Jahkoy wished to embody in his music.

5. JAHKOY's has been co-signed by Pharrell but the two have never met.
With over 2 million streams for "Still In Love" on Spotify, Jahkoy's music has met the ears of famed "Happy" producer Pharrell Williams. Yet, the two haven't met. Highsnobiety states, "JAHKOY found his forthcoming studio album Temptations enjoying the support of Pharrell Williams despite the two having never met."

Read more on Highsnobiety.com and stream "Still In Love" by JAHKOY on Spotify and Soundcloud.



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