Five Interesting Facts About Jahkoy

It's alright, it's okay, you've caught yourself listening to Jahkoy way too many times in just one day. From "Still In Love," "Hold Your Hand," "Poison" and now "Odd Future," Toronto's got another one that's bound to make a wave this year named Jahkoy. With co-signs from Zane Lowe (Beats 1) and Drake (OVO Sound), we're giving you a heads up on your boy.  Here's five things about the latest offering from Toronto, CA:

1. Jahkoy's biggest influence is Pharrell Williams. 

Often referring to his sound as a "bipolar" experience, Jahkoy hands over his influence to the "Happy" hitmaker Pharrell Williams. “I loved the fact he was in his own lane,” says Jahkoy. “There's always new stuff that is going on but he was creating new stuff, creating a new sound. He didn't fit in and he stepped over the boundaries of music and made what he has today. It's something I want to do with my music.”

2. Before there was Jahkoy, there was Raheem. 

Yep! Before the Toronto-bred switched it up to silky, enchanting melodies such as "Still In Love" and "Hold Your Hand," Jahkoy was a buddying lyricist who went under the alias of Raheem.

Rhyming at age of 11, music had started to go from something he listened  to (secretly) writing early lyrics in the form of poetry, steadily these turned into raps, which in turn became his debut releases under the name Raheem. “At the time I was doing music everyone was rapping,” Jahkoy says. “It started becoming more of a common thing and then it was too common. I put out three projects before changing my name.”

3. He's discovered his own sound going to a Disclosure concert. 

Another big influence to the Jahkoy sound: Disclosure.  While at the duo's concert in Toronto, the energy and atmosphere sparked up the fellow former rapper. “Disclosure came to Toronto in 2014 and I had just dropped a project as Raheem that same day,” he says.  “I went to the Disclosure show, but I was going to see Vic Mensa, who opened for them. So he killed it and then the headliners came on and they completely ripped it. I had no idea what kind of music they made or anything but their name. I was blown away by it. More because it was instrumental so I figured it would be dope if somebody sang or rapped over those kind of beats."

4. Jahkoy's a trained violinist. 

Ole Bull. Joshua Bell. Jahkoy? Oh yes. Not only is Toronto's finest versed in lyrics and songwriting, he's also a trained violinist as well.  "School didn't offer me a musical education as such, I just didn't feel like it was something I could be taught in class," says Jahkoy. "But there were mandatory violin lessons in which I learned to train my ear. It's the only instrument I know how to play, I feel like it's pretty easy."

5. He's a huge 90s & 2000s music head. 

Don't be surprised if you catch Jahkoy with a greatest hits CD of late 90s and early 2000s classics. The house/R&B crooner is a big fan of 90s music and centers his influence around the era.

Before Jahkoy could point out musical inspirations, the sounds of his childhood home were surrounded by the sounds of 90s R&B and hip-hop. “A lot of New Edition, Total, Notorious BIG, Lil Kim,” Jahkoy says.

Want to listen to more Jahkoy? Download or stream his latest offering "Odd Future" available now. Stay tuned for more



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